I follow many IF blogs. I love cheering on women going through this hell and feel so much joy when they get their own good news. I feel the pain with the bad news too and it reminds me to be eternally grateful and to never take anything for granted. Over the past few months I have seen a number of hopeless and desperate women become pregnant and it fills me with joy.

I also have noticed a number of these women completely change the tone of their blog once they get their BFP. Now this of course makes sense because that is what we are all seeking, hoping for and is life changing. I love to hear the joy and gratitude in their voices. To hear what their loved ones say, to read about the happiness surrounding this news. But then, in a few of their blogs, I have noticed that once the happiness settles in, they seem to forget the journey, forget they are writing a blog read by so many women yet to get the good news.

These women write long blog posts on how hard morning sickness is, how annoyed they are at getting bigger or something equally minor compared to IF. Now I know these women should be entitled to complain and lament like any regular pregnant lady would. In fact, maybe more so. If we have been following their journey through the bad, shouldn’t we also rejoice through the good? Of course we should. Share with us the happiness and joy and growing belly. We will rejoice with you. Sure some may be a little jealous but we will be happy for you.

What I don’t understand is the blog posts complaining about pregnancy symptoms. How one blog describes the pain and hope of the profound urge to be a Mom and three weeks later it is complaining about morning sickness. I certainly understand the hardship of morning sickness- I suffered from severe morning sickness and it is truly terrible. I also, not once complained to my fellow IF sisters. I felt so grateful for the sickness, I would tell my husband I feel ‘ good bad’ and we would both embrace it because it meant I was pregnant. I guess I ultimately just don’t understand the psyche of using an IF blog to complain about something most of the readers fervently dream of.

I have no idea why this bothers me so much. I battled IF and am on the other side with my son. I also never forget the struggle and never lose sight of the gratitude.

Ok- end of rant and sorry if I offended some of you. If you got pregnant after battling IF, I am so happy for you- truly. I also think you should remember to be sensitive to those readers still in the battle.

Just one gals opinion.