I know I have already ranted about this before but seriously fellow bloggers?? Complaining about the mundane then giving a ‘bumpdate’ on your IF blog?? How quickly one forgets the pain of infertility and the fact that many, if not most, of your readers would give ANYTHING to be pregnant.

The ‘bumpdate’ posts are boring enough ( canned questions like weight gained, size of baby, food cravings etc) but then to book end it with complaints about job/ stresses of life etc when you are pregnant?? I feel like there should be a separate category of blogs for women who struggled with IF and are now pregnant and have amnesia with how painful it is to just want so badly to be pregnant.

I know blogs are often started as therapy for the individual blogger but if you are going to be insensitive to your readers make a private diary not public blog.

Boy do I sound bitter. Just cannot comprehend someone being so insensitive to forget the precarious place your readers are in. I have my miracle son and am still irked by these. I can only imagine a reader with no miracle baby reading these. Or maybe everyone is much more gracious and elevated than I am. I hope that is the case..