I just read a blog post that hit home. It was about how we have the stamina and strength to keep going, to keep trying. I read some stories of other bloggers whose path has been far worse than mine and cannot fathom how they kept going, kept living, kept choosing hope.

Then I have fertile friends who marvel the same about me. They wonder how I can keep spending all the money, pumping myself full of hormones, giving up on coffee/ alcohol/ anything that tastes good. But to me I have never really pondered the alternative. I have never thought about just giving up. What would that look like? How would I accept it and stop working towards a dream? I know at some point there has to be an end to this. Money runs out, my body gives up, mental and emotional stamina drained. I just can’t picture the end of trying. Waking up with acceptance instead of fight and desire.

So we keep going because it really isn’t a choice. The only alternative is to give up on our dreams, on the thing we want most in this life. That alternative is far worse than just putting one foot in front of the other and trudging through this hell. What would I do then? I can’t even begin to imagine that life? So I keep trying, keep fighting, keep paying, keep bargaining because there really is no other choice.

May as well embrace the reality of it. Try to find the good in moments, in days as we fight through this war. Be grateful there is a fight to be had. The end is not here. Hope is still felt. The dream is still alive.

I hope you take a moment today to appreciate the strength you have to keep going and to appreciate that hope is still alive- no matter how meager.