This story makes me hopeful and amazed and just a tiny bit sad. If you don’t want to click on the link, here is a summary:

A young girl is diagnosed with cancer and before undergoing chemotherapy ( renders most completely infertile) she had part of her ovarian tissue removed and frozen. Fast forward ten years, she implanted that tissue into her non functioning ovary and was able to get naturally pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

This makes me so very happy for the young ladies facing a cancer diagnosis and an infertility diagnosis all at once. Now there is hope that fighting the cancer does not mean infertility. It makes me amazed at the power of science. I am hopeful so many more advances will come along in IF and RPL treatment and am hopeful for the women in the future who will have more options than we all have today.

I am also just a tiny bit sad because what I wouldn’t give to have preserved my ovaries before they started aging so quickly. I can’t imagine just getting pregnant without any intervention. What a true miracle and gift that would be to just realize your period is late, take a positive test then think of some cute way to tell your husband and family. Sigh.

But alas, this is a great breakthrough for the whole community. So cheers to a big step forward for us ladies facing IF.