We all know too well the power words have. ‘Just relax’, ‘when are you going to have kids?’, ‘oh no kids? You are so lucky you get to sleep in’ etc. Seemingly innocuous comments can cut us to the core. 

Although the words of others can be powerful, I have had the realization that it actually my own words that have the most impact. What I say to others and what I say to myself. Our own words manifest in our hearts, our brains and our very core and create who we are everyday.

I have been very big into not getting my hopes up or expecting bad and being pleasantly surprised with good news. Although this may make a fall feel less far, it really doesn’t help my overall sense of well being. Having negative or even neutral thoughts and words surrounding me all day does not really protect me. It just leaves me in a cloud of negative. The bad news still hurts. I just didn’t get to enjoy the hope and the good in between.

So today I have decided to try my absolute best to talk positively to others and myself about this infertility process. And really about anything. I don’t mean ignore the pain or hardship. That would be one dimensional and dishonest. But rather choose to think and say positive thoughts about where we are heading. Instead of ‘this cycle might not yield much’ I will say ‘ I am hopeful this cycle will bring me my baby’. 

For some of you this probably sounds obvious and you have been in this space for a while. Well you can finally make some room for me in Hopeville. If you are in a dark place and this sounds so out of your realm- I hope you can join me in trying this out. Just a little at a time. Because, after all, infertility cannot and does not last forever and I would like to be happy with the person who makes it out on the other side.