I know that people in my life think I am strong and have such gratitude and perspective. I hear that a lot when talking about this IF struggle. The truth is, it is you guys that make me that way. Being able to wake up with a bit of heaviness around your heart then read a post from one of you that makes me smile and nod and think ‘ we are in this together’ or ‘it happened for her it can happen for me’ or ‘ if she can be that strong and lovely through all that, I can show some graciousness too’.

Truth is- if left alone out here on this IF island I am pretty sure I would constantly be having a pity party of one. Instead, I read a post from MPB that reminds me of what it looks like to fight with grace and keep hope and joy alive.  I read the touching words from Stealing Nectar and am humbled by her compassion. I read the poetic words of The Sky and Back and feel renewed joy for life. So many more of you have said just the right thing, shared something that hit my heart when I needed it or even just made me laugh at the perfect time (Emily).

I am so grateful for this community and for your willingness to share and to lessen this pain and isolation. Xo