Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Definition of insanity or just total optimism?? I would have to say both in our situation.

We have decided to keep trying IVF only this time not do egg banking and testing. In the end it was just so much money, time and build up. One cycle at a time is our motto. Any blasts we are lucky enough to get we will transfer.

I don’t like to blog updates through a cycle because I go into auto pilot mode and like to distract myself from each status update throughout the stims. I actually turn my head when they count follicles and sizes along the way. Rather than obsess about size or number or follicles, I just go through the steps and hope for the best outcome in the end. I think it has helped me stay sane through these many, many, many cycles.

So, I will enjoy the wine and coffee while I can and then gear up for another go. Hoping you all survived the holiday ok. These times can be so hard in the middle of this battle. Xo