Maya Angelou has a famous line about true character is shown in how we handle the rain- not the sunshine. This year has been a torrential downpour (5 failed IVF cycles) but I have to say I am rather proud of how I have handled it.

While I had my share of tears and frustration and even occasional jealousy, when I look back at this year I remember fun and happy things and a constant feeling of gratitude. I am well aware that with my miracle IVF son in my arms, I am one of the lucky ones. I have never lost sight of that.

When I have hit a dark moment I remember so many deserving and strong women who have suffered so much more, been waiting so much longer and still handle it with grace and hope. I think of a friend battling for her life after a cancer diagnosis, I think of refugees fleeing with their children in a dark boat at night unaware of they will die in the pursuit of safety. I am given a dose of perspective that this is a battle I can fight and this is a battle I am fortunate enough to have modern medicine to help me fight it.

I want to look back on this time when this fight is won ( please let it be soon) and be proud of my character, my resilience and my grace. I want to inspire those who know me to take on their own battles with perserverence and hope.

I hope those of you fighting so hard to be called Mom, to hold your own baby, to start or expand your precious family can somehow find a way to get through the storm and be so proud of all you have fought through when the sun finally comes out.

Let 2016 be a great year for all of us!