Too many women woke up today with a sinking feeling, a deep longing and the title of the day a punch in a gut and a reminder of unfulfilled dreams. Too many sappy and careless posts will be flooding FB, too many innocent but insensitive comments will be uttered in Church, the grocery store line, even family gatherings.

I wish I could create a safe little bunker from the world and hide all of you who don’t want to go through this day. We would drink lots of wine or champagne or vodka or thick and creamy hot chocolate and just distract ourselves. We could bring in a ton of puppy’s and gorge on delicious food.

But alas, this isn’t really an option (plus I am supposed to be gluten and dairy free now– ugh). So instead I will remind you of a few things:

  • That deep longing and desire you have in your heart is such a special part of you. It already makes you the most beautiful Mother to the kids you are dreaming off or the babies you have lost.
  • This road is hard and long but the fact that you are putting one foot in front of the other makes you amazing and strong. You have been challenged and tortured yet here you are living to fight another day.
  • This phase will end. It will. It may not end with the ending you pictured but if you open your mind to the options we have today, it can be your own version of a happy ending. This hell won’t and can’t last forever.
  • Its ok to be sad and wallow today. You don’t always have to be strong. How you are feeling and how you cope is always ok.
  • You have a whole group of women on here who get it, support you and are cheering you on.

Whether you are mourning the loss of your baby(ies), grieving another failed cycle, holding your breath through a pregnancy or just lost in the pursuit- I am sending you so much love today. Today I celebrate you and your strength and perserverence and grace.