Sorry did you say 9? The acupuncturist looked at me in disbelief. Yep, I confirmed, 9 failed IVF cycles indeed and still fighting. Here I was going through my fertility history with an acupuncturist since I am basically throwing the kitchen sink at this last ditch effort before surgery. I don’t know about you guys but I have always found the medical history part of seeing a new doctor, or a new nurse or new clinic so emotional and a bit depressing. Re- living all the failures is hard and not very fun. I think about those who suffered late losses with RPL and I imagine it is ten times harder- maybe 100.

This time was different. I felt kind of, dare I say it, proud. I felt proud of how hard I am trying, how resilient I am to be sitting here in front of him trying more. I didn’t feel sad or ashamed or feeble. I felt strong and courageous and hopeful.

One thing this journey can give us is evidence of our strength, stamina, grace and courage. True character is revealed in a rainstorm, not a sunny day. Today I am celebrating all of you ladies who have revealed your true character over and over and over again.