My Doctor just called with my ERA (endometrial receptivity assay) results. If you want details on what this is Google is a far better resource but essentially it is testing to make sure your lining receptivity is timed the same as your embryo. In 20 percent of women the timing is off and it prevents implantation.

Surprise surprise but I am in the 20 percent of abnormal biopsies. No shock there- pretty standard with this journey. I have many emotions. First I feel exhausted that I have to do yet another mock cycle to try to uncover the right window. This means a transfer is now at least 2 months away instead of one week away. Secondly, I feel a tiny bit of hope that maybe fixing this will allow us to have success. Thirdly- I am grateful our Doctor is being so thorough and suggested this. And finally- I am just kind of sick of so many delays and twists and turns. I know I should be happy that a potential problem and therefor solution has been presented but in this moment the months ahead of more estrogen, shots, waiting, and oh did I mention waiting just makes my shoulders slump a bit. I guess I am not exactly in a race here but boy oh boy looking forward to this limbo being over.

My real reason for this post is I want to encourage any of you who have had implantation failure of a genetically normal blast to get this test done. I really did not want to do yet another test that delays transfer but am glad I did at the end of the day.

love to you all xo