My husband’s Uncle sent me the most wonderful email that has really stayed with me and kind of become my mantra. First- how lucky am I that my support team is so deep it even reached my husband’s Uncle who I see every other Christmas?? I hid my struggle for so long, the blind support still surprises me.

His email was short and simple:

“hey you- this is just a friendly reminder that you are not an Infertile Woman. You are a strong, kind, smart woman/wife/sister/niece who just happens Β to be struggling with infertility.”

It hit me hard and made me cry. I think so often we walk around carrying the weight of this title. We are consumed by the cycle of hope, sadness, fear then right back to hope again. Yes- it becomes a huge part of who we are in the moment but it is not WHO we are. When I am having a hard day I remind myself of all the other things I am. I am a runner, the President of a startup, a twin sister, a chai tea lover, a former farm girl, fierce competitor,the list goes on.

I hope today you take the time to think about and celebrate all the things that you are. I hope you do your best to remember that Infertility/RPL is a struggle (a damn hard one) that you face, not who you are.