Thank you all so much for your support. I feel your care and your love. Our miscarriage was confirmed this morning and I am sipping my first glass of wine in 90+ days. My husband and I are stronger through this and my heart is still hopeful and grateful. Life will go on and we will make it good.

But here we are left wondering our next steps and I would love all of you to give me your input. Just to recap– I am 8+ failed IVF cycles (with 3 of those chemical or earl miscarriage) into trying for a sibling for my miracle toddler ( after 3 cycles to have him). We have long since drained our saving and are digging deeper into debt. That all being said- we have two possible paths ahead of us.

1. Get endometriosis surgery then try IVF again with my own eggs.

2. Start the donor egg process and hopefully complete our family that way.

For me– I have zero emotion tied to my own genetics. I just wants sibling for my son and another baby to love. I would choose the donor egg path tomorrow. For my husband- he is still holding onto the desire for my eggs. I want to be supportive of his desires and I want to make sure he is comfortable with how we build our family but I am so ready to move onto a solution and move forward in life. I am sick of the debt accruing, the hormones fluctuating, the total hell and torture that is one failed IVF cycle after another.

So here we are. We will of course talk to our doctor and continue to talk to each other but I would truly love your thoughts and insight.

Lots of love. Grateful for this community.