You purchase 3k worth of fertility drugs to be sent off to some lovely stranger who will take them to hopefully grow eggs that will become your baby(ies). It is all very surreal, rather exciting, super nerve-wracking and a little strange.

I really appreciate that people all around us in this process are so supportive and involved. I did get a text from a relative that said ‘so when does the other lady’s eggs get put inside you?’. While it wasn’t the most elegantly worded question, I appreciate her interest and lack of delicacy. It tells me that people around me are confident I feel good about this path and don’t feel the need to walk on egg shells. No pun intended 🙂

I am glad we are being open about this. Both for our future baby and for anyone around us who may be suffering in silence. I am sure plenty of people go home and think ‘I am so glad I am not them or so glad I don’t have to go that route for a baby’ and I am totally ok with that. If I can give someone else gratitude for their life than I am grateful for that. Besides- I feel pretty darn lucky to have my life. It isn’t perfect, goodness knows this road is hard but I wouldn’t want to change places with anyone. Not even the most fertile of myrtles. I wouldn’t have the huge gaping capacity for gratitude and empathy I have. The gift that keeps on giving.

Wishing you all moments of hope and happiness that make this path bearable.