I am publishing this post a bit late since the donor egg retrieval cycle was in mid November but wanted to recap it for any of you going through it or contemplating it in the future.

After finding the matching process for a donor both easier and better than I though (also a tad strange to ‘shop’ for eggs) I went into the cycle knowing that delays, hiccups and stresses happen all the time so I had to brace myself.

Fortunately it was all pretty straightforward and easy. My rockstar donor gave us 20+ mature eggs and almost all fertilized. We ended with 11 blasts ( the most I have ever had in any Cycle was 2) and sent those off for genetic testing. We ended up with 8 genetically normal embryos. Unreal. Way higher than normal and the highest my clinic has seen. To say I feel lucky is an understatement. For those of you concerned about what happens to any embryo we don’t transfer, I can assure you we have a plan for each and everyone.

I credit my amazing donor ( she had three previous donations with similar results and all ending in pregnancy). I am so glad that fertility history and previous success was at the top of my list of qualities we looked for. I am also grateful for my incredible clinic for such a good protocol and my doctor who said he wanted to safely get as many chances for us as he could.

So one could say this is an embarrassment of riches. My goodness I agree. It also took 200k+, 3 years, 3 losses, 10 failed Ivf cycles and a surgery to get here. All that crap only added to my feeling of gratitude.

As for transfers and results etc. I will certainly update when I am ready to write about it. It has been a bumpy road since the beautiful retrieval results but alas- I am pretty much always buckled up anyway.

For those of you contemplating or pursuing donor eggs- I have only felt relief and gratitude for this path. I finally have hope that doesn’t hinge on my broken body. I know that any child I am lucky enough to have will be eternally mine (with a sprinkle of our angel donor smiling back at me).