So I just received the text below from one of my absolute best friends. We have navigated our careers together and been through a lot. This text meant more than I can say. Through this IF/ RPL hell what has kept me going and motivated and positive is wanting to remain as she describes. To have her validate my hopes and the very foundation of what has kept me going feels unreal. I have said many times that my hope is that my pain and struggles can show people around me that through all the hard times you can still find joy and hope. If I can help inspire someone else ( even if it puts their own problems into perspective- you know the ‘I am soglad I am not her thing’) than at least I can know good around me is happening because of this. Here is her text:


I am so proud of YOU! Honest, you have no idea how much I think of you. What you have endured and grown from over the last few years inspires me. Not only the perseverance, but you’ve let it make you a better person and never let it affect your outward interactions. That takes a special person. Most would understandably retreat into themselves and be self focused to survive. You don’t. That’s quite incredible. Time like now remind me of how much I have learned from you in sales as I go nuts, but knowing the last few years motivates me to be a better person outside of work like you.


So there it is. Such amazing words that fill me with pride and emotion. As Maya Angelou says “true character is tested in the rain not in the sunshine” or something to that affect. Goodness knows we have all been ‘character tested’ way beyond and I am proud to be alongside you all in this battle.