I am predisposed to find the silver lining and fight my way to my natural state of happy. In turn I tend to try to get those around me to as well. I offer up a solution or idea with encouragement when someone needs to vent. But the truth is there isn’t always a solution. Sometimes things are just tough and all we can do is go through it. We can’t short cut it, ignore it or avoid it. We just have to put on boots, hold tight to those close and wade through it.

There are parts of Infertility/ RPL that are like this. Right after a loss, during a delay, when a milestone is looming or when other pregnancy announcements hit you like a truck. There is no easy way to face it all. Sure we can have coping mechanisms or distractions or remedies in the form of alcohol but it is still going to hurt.

But that’s ok. The only real truth about all this is nothing can last forever. It can feel and seem like forever. It can last way longer than we hoped or thought but not forever. Things change. Miracles happen. We change. New plans are formed. The future will play out eventually.

If you are going through a particularly bad time I hope you just give yourself a break and remember it is ok that it’s not ok right now. But also remember that eventually it all changes. With the ebbs and flow of life, chances are things will feel and seem better soon. Hang in there.