On this ‘holiday’ morning I wake up and immediately am blasted with everything M’s Day. It is overwhelming and I am not even in a hard position in my IF battle. Everywhere I look/ read and go I hear the cheerful M day greetings and messages.

While the sentiment is absolutely lovely and coming from a positive place, I cringe at how rampant it is. For as much joy as this ‘holiday’ brings I know it brings so much pain too. Pain to women who long to be a Mother, who have lost a pregnancy or a child, those moving on from the dream of being a Mom and to millions of those who who mourn a lost Mother. It breaks my heart to think of how much pain this day brings.

I hope those of you in pain take today to let yourself grieve, or to distract or simply just to get by. I am going to treat today as a day of reflection on what society makes ‘motherhood’ to be. I will be keeping those women who desire the title so desperately in my thoughts. I will be holding those grieving a loved one close. I know there are so many kinds of Moms out there- foster, god parents, attentive aunts, teachers, caretakers and many more. I think of you today. Even if you aren’t celebrated loudly, please know I celebrate you.