Let this be a PSA today that you are enough, that you are still whole even during the worst of the depths of IF/RPL. 

Be easy on yourself. You doing more than anyone should have to do to have a healthy baby in your arms. Don’t blame yourself. 

Be easy on yourself. Eating a gluten laden donut to get through a tough morning is ok. Drinking a second glass of wine after another ‘P’ announcement is ok. They don’t mean you don’t want a baby or that any of this is your fault or a result of your diet, etc.  

Be easy on yourself. We are ‘supposed to’ be able to have sex and a baby is made so any extra steps you have to take are just steps that show your dedication, your strength, and your beautiful Mom heart that is already formed.

Be easy on yourself. This fight is hard. Just waking up and battling it each day is a great accomplishment.

Be easy on yourself. You don’t have to always be happy for others who have what you so desperately want.

Be easy on yourself. You don’t have to go to that tenth kids party or family event that might trigger you.

Be easy on yourself. You have to walk around with the deep desires of a Mother but a body that won’t fulfill it. That is hard. So hard. You are a warrior. Let your thoughts be kind to you. You deserve it.