Hi Guys. I have been pretty MIA lately but honestly it is because I am just soaking up the now. The pain and agony of waiting to be a Mom and fighting through Infertility is so intense that I only want to share my thoughts on this space when I can honor that struggle and share something that can help others or commiserate.

I do want to share one perspective for those of you fighting to get to the other side. My one fertile friend who is on her third kid (ughhhhhhh) has no perspective of her fortune and is miserable and whiny all the time. It is hard to watch and makes me feel both empathy for her and angry for everyone else who would give anything for that gift. She does also always comment that my DE daughter looks nothing like me (duh) but all good there because I don’t have an egotistic need to see myself mirrored in my child but rather a curiosity for who they become in their own right.

I share this just to remind you that the women with growing bellies or kids in their arms may make you feel so sad or mad or jealous but just keep in mind, this pain and this road allows deep gratitude they might never know.

I am sending so much love to those of you still fighting.


ps (for those that follow me for my DE story) my DE perfect daughter is everything I ever hoped for and it still makes ZERO difference that we used donor eggs except to fill me with pride that we were able to make our way to her and marvel at who she is becoming.