Friends, I just wanted to check in here in case anyone ever remembers me and wonders how we are all doing.

Short version: miracle baby girl is perfection and I just feel so darn lucky. Every day.

Longer answer: She is feisty and sweet and fun and so cuddly. She adores her older brother. She is mine, all mine. The Donor egg part of her story just never feels like it matters. Ever. Except when I marvel at her being created from three people. That’s pretty amazing. Older brother is so into her. Life is hectic and occasionally stressful with all the money it took to get us here. But truly all I feel is lucky. Ten plus failed IVF rounds. Three losses. Then Donor eggs. SO MUCH MONEY AND HEARTACHE and JEALOUSY and PAIN. All of it floats into the past like a hazy detail that just makes me so glad I am here. I think about those of you still fighting and still trying and still in pain daily. It’s not fair and I wish for the pain to be a hazy fog in your past one day too.