This will have to be summarized because part of my coping mechanism is to breeze through the bad parts and not dwell on failures-of which there have been many. Just hopeful it will all lead to what is meant to be. Oh and by meant to be I mean another baby (hear that universe!?!).

2011- Married the best husband ever. I am 31

2012- After trying for almost a year I am diagnosed with severe DOR. The news was delivered to me over the phone by an incompetent nurse while I was buying milk. Her exact phrasing: “Your eggs are no good and you will have to use donor eggs”. Still one of the worst experiences of this entire IF hell.

2012- Two failed IVF cycles followed by my third and only successful cycle that brought me my miracle son. That cycle they transferred four ‘poor quality’ embryos and one become my very high quality son. So take that incompetent nurse!

2014- 2016: trying for a sibling. So far 10 Failed IVF cycles that include an early miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy.

May 2016- Get diagnosed with endometriosis and have surgery scheduled in August after my last ditch FET in June/July. Diagnosis was wrong and surgery unnecessary 😩

September: after another early miscarriage, relieved to be pursuing donor eggs!

Nov 2016: Donor Egg Cycle begins and results in positive pregnancy.

July 2016: Baby girl born!