Hi friends, I feel like I made a declaration about trying for a third baby (dare I even consider myself lucky enough for one let alone now a third). The fortune is not lost on me for a second. I have one child high functioning on the spectrum and one child via donor eggs and here I am, the luckiest Mom in the world. Truly.

anyway- just a quick update to let you know after all these years of Infertility my body still does not cooperate, even for a DE FET so cancellation after cancelation (both spelling versions are correct according to google) here I am. My body now wants to ovulate no matter what (I find this hilarious not annoying) so I am just plugging along and still showing up at baseline appointments until (if?) my body shows up to play.

I have very little emotion tied to the cancelations since I have the most good fortune at this very moment it is hard to feel sad and I certainly won’t let myself.

giving it the rest of the year to give it a go then will reassess. Just wanted to quickly update.

so much love to you all.