I thought about my role and willingness to share on social media a lot. Lord knows we all see enough ‘P’ announcements on social media to get us thinking about it. I still see them and feel that familiar jealous twinge.

Well miraculously I am in that position and have decided not to post anything. I have experienced that feeling of scrolling through another cute announcement over and over, your heart sinking. Depending on the mood I am in, I either feel an instinctual tinge of jealousy that I can shrug off after a bit or it leaves me stricken with loss and fear and sorrow. Either way- if I am being totally honest, I never leave a ‘P’ announcement post feeling anything but worse. So why would I potentially do that to someone else? Sure I know most would be happy for me especially given our struggles but if I can avoid giving even one person struggling that feeling in the pit of their stomach than it is better than the fleeting satisfaction or happiness I may get from a lot of likes on my fortunate news. Plus- anyone who is really close to me or really would want to know does.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t judges others that do. It is a natural and probably exciting milestone. Especially for those in this community who have just been waiting and waiting for it to be their turn.

To me, growing this little miracle is a privilege and an honor I hold sacred. It is not a personal accomplishment to share or boast but a gift I have been given. So no announcemt post from me. Lots of love and light and luck to you all.